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Optimization of a
High-Temperature Tribometer


What is the project about?
The Federal Institute for Material Science and Technology (EMPA) uses at its branch in Thun - a device to determine the specific abrasion properties of two samples rubbing on each other. In the experiments, a ring and a block are used for this tribometer test. Firstly, the parts are cleaned, weighted and then installed in the machine. The ring is turned at a given speed for a given time, while the block is pressed against the rotating ring. The test chamber can be heated up to 700C. After the experiment, the parts are cleaned and weighted again, in order to determine the mass loss due to friction and consequent abrasion.

In a former diploma project, realized by Martin Stettler of the University of Applied Science in Burgdorf, an additional device has been developed and installed. The device allows measuring the friction force as well as the normal force during an experiment. This enables the user making a conclusion of the coefficient of friction. Unfortunately with the new device installed, the oven cannot be heated up anymore.

In this project our task is to expand and modernize the tribometer, so friction force and the normal force can also be measured in high temperature experiments. In addition we integrate an automatic control for the temperature and the rotation speed of the ring-sample.

Complete tribometer


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